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What’s Up?

Hey Spitz, what’s up?
(Last updated October 29th)

What I’m currently watching:
Flip Flappers
“This is a weird one. I can’t tell if it’s a spoof of existing tropes, or if it’s genuinely trying to retread worn ground, but this series has lacked identity so far. It’s nicely animated at least, and has a nice cheerful look to it.”

What I’m currently playing:
Gran Turismo Sport
“As someone who does enjoy an arcade-sim racing game when the mood strikes, the current generation of consoles has left me wanting. Whether it’s Forza’s questionable mods system or Project Cars’ absolutely atrocious gamepad control, there has always been one glaring issue preventing me from enjoying these games as much as I did say Forza 3, which I sunk a ton of time into.
GT Sport isn’t perfect, either. The single player options are quite limited, and as far as big flashy car or track counts are concerned, it is quite lacking there, too. But what GT Sport is touting is their heightened focus on player on player races, and the current state of the online play is quite solid.
The resources and trials which are provided to not only help you learn the fundamentals of auto racing but also break down tracks into multiple turn sections are excellently done, and the latter of which I’ve already utilized to great effect in learning several of the track layouts and how to manage speed around their tougher corners.
Not a single variant of Nissan Skyline available to drive though..”

Assassin’s Creed: Origins
“Those who have kept up with this blog for awhile might have been around when I was interviewed by a fellow blogger, and mentioned that as a kid I was way into Egyptian stuff, hieroglyphic writing in particular, so as some cinder of that interest still burns in there someplace, and I enjoyed the previous AC game’s setting and gameplay, I was interested in this one for sure.
That said, it hasn’t grabbed me in a big way yet, with me a handful of hours in. The narrative is a rather dull vengeance story thus far, and while they’ve done a reset on the combat in a sense, its obvious Souls game inspiration at least as far as control layout is concerned has only left my brain confused in the heat of combat.
It looks and plays well enough though and for an open world (/Assassin’s Creed) game it hasn’t been buggy, so I’ll keep pecking at it out with the hopes that the story picks up.”

What I’m currently reading:
Bloom Into You (Yagate Kimi ni Naru)
“I chewed right through the first volume of this series and had to pull myself away from the 2nd as to ration the series out (as the fourth volume isn’t going to hit the West til early next year).
It’s easy to point and scoff at it for being a yuri story, and some of the dialogue and filler between the more interesting moments is pretty lack-luster (Student council elections? Exciting), but there’s a terrific attention to detail in some of the smaller moments captured in the artwork which I have loved. Thoughtful, silent glances and the like bring you into a character’s head in a way that dialogue simply doesn’t.”

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