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Hey folks! I’m Spitz, and I’ve been running a review/etc blog with monthly articles on this site for a few years now.
What you will find here will be reviews and rambles about any range of things, but mostly anime and video games (as those are my primary hobbies). I’ll also post short-stories or ranty articles written by yours truly from time to time (if that’s your thing).
This is but one of countless places to find opinions on these things, and I’ll be the first to say that my opinion isn’t the one that matters, so if you disagree with me that’s okay, but otherwise I hope you enjoy your stay!

“Who are you and what’s up with this blog?”
I’m an average guy living in the Eastern U.S., who works for a popular online marketplace, and I’ve been a fan of anime and games for the better part of my life.
Along with my hobbies, I’ve always had an interest in writing, even if I’ve never been especially great at it, and this has led me to try and develop my writing skills through reviews and such here on this blog.
I’m not perfect, and you’re sure to find inconsistencies and errors aplenty in the articles found here on the Soapbox; you might not agree with everything I have to say, or the method with which I say it, but I do hope the opinions expressed here might help you formulate your own, or offer up an opportunity for discussion.
We aren’t looking to start fights here at the Soapbox. We all have better things to do than argue, yeah?

Spitz’ Soapbox is a work of interest and enjoyment, and of those things only. I’m not paid for my reviews, nor am I provided copies of the things I review, and that is the way it will remain. This might limit the types of things I review, but I think it’s for the best. If you want a professional opinion, there are plenty of places to find those.

“I loved something you hated. You’re a terrible person!”
While the latter statement may or may not be true, I’m happy that you disagree with me when I say something isn’t all that great, because that means someone out there got something out of that particular thing that I wasn’t able to.
Everyone enjoys different things for different reasons, and as such, I’m not here to tell you what you should think of something, but instead what I thought of it. Whether you agree or disagree isn’t necessarily the point.

And for those who are into the social media stuff:
Twitter (Best option to contact me, but note that I do not Tweet often.)
(Both Twitch and Youtube are for streaming video games, though don’t expect much of that until I can figure out my setup and settings.)

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