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Chill and Chat: Guardian’s Crusade

January 15, 2018

Before we get back into White Day, let’s take a little time to stress our pc a bit with a slightly longer than usual video!
It was an afternoon of experimentation, but I think we’re at a sweeter spot when it comes to understanding the limits of my capture software and where to set voice audio.


And to those curious as to the results of the test:
– My external HDD which houses unposted Soapbox content was set to FAT32 rather than NTSC, so it needed to be converted to the correct format before I could render the video (There’s a 4 gig transfer limit to FAT32, and this video clocked in at a cool 4.4).
– Whether it’s the software’s fault or my clunker pc’s fault, the software used to capture gameplay doesn’t like it when a video is longer than 35 minutes or so, so I had to cut it into 30 minute chunks before I could plug the footage into my video editing software.
– The first time I tried to edit sound levels of the gameplay in my editing software, my pc crashed and I thought I might’ve lost my work. Luckily I did not.
– My microphone picks up every little detail, which when there is total silence is a very bad thing. Noise gate settings took some tinkering but I think they’re at a decent spot now (?).

And as an added note: I finally have a worthwhile internet connection, which means I can now stream from my PS4 (and though I haven’t tested it, I would assume my XB1 as well) at a good quality.
My pc still needs an upgrade, so until then my options are limited, but maybe weekly or bi-weekly streams could be something we could do?

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