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Introducing: Video Content!

September 23, 2017

Hello everyone.
While one of the primary goals of Spitz’s Soapbox is to share the things I’ve experienced in games, anime and the like, and to give recommendations or offer small insights pertaining to those things, the other big goal all along has been to develop my writing skills. The quality of my work will color your opinion of whether or not it’s true, but I believe the Soapbox to be a win/win for both reader and writer alike, as you’re being informed and maybe here or there entertained, and I’m developing myself as a writer in the process.
Three years later (plus the couple I spent prior to the move to wordpress!), and I feel as though while there is of course always room for improvement, I have found my writing voice, and have become much more comfortable with sharing it with any would-be readers.
There is still an unknowable stretch of time ahead of me to improve, but the baseline has been established, and I’ve nestled myself comfortably atop it.

So, the natural next step is audio and video.
I have spoken time and time again about a new feature I’ve wanted to do on the Soapbox, and while it isn’t moving forward into a tangible thing for consumption, I’m willing to at least reveal that the idea was a Madoka commentary. I had planned to record audio in real time, alongside each episode of the tv series, which could then be played alongside your own viewing of the series. I’d offer neat bits of information I’ve come across regarding Madoka’s layered visuals and story, and maybe explain why I think the series is so special.
Couldn’t figure it out. Couldn’t make it compelling. It’s still something I would love to do, but at this point I’m just sort of tired of saying “I hope to do it”, and would rather instead use that energy to actually “do” something.

What I can do, which will serve a different purpose for those watching or listening, but a similar purpose for me personally, is play video games with commentary.
I don’t live in a recording studio, so don’t expect professional quality audio and editing, but I will of course do what I can as I can.

How it’s going to work:
Eagle-eyed regulars might have noticed a brand new tab up top devoted to Video. Once a week (hopefully), there will be something new there. Nothing ever seems to be going on on Mondays, and uploading videos on that day fits nicely into my schedule, so for the time being, that is the day you can expect new stuff.
My videos will be posted to Youtube, but will be unlisted for the first week, which means that the only way to watch them will be here on the Soapbox. Hot, steamy exclusivity! One week later, that video will go public, and a new video will be posted here on the Soapbox. Pretty simple, huh.

What’s up first:
The first game I plan to play through is the PS4 release of Korean horror game White Day. With Summertime fading, and the spookiness of Autumn creeping up over the horizon, it seemed fitting for the first series to be based around a horror game.
Once White Day is bested (or bests me), I have plenty of ideas for things to do, so I hope everyone enjoys this new type of feature.

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