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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? August 2017

September 5, 2017

Where did August go?
Busily and sleepily, I auto-piloted straight through it.
It’s always fun to compare anime to western tv, and not only animated tv (which has become louder and louder as time has progressed, from what little I’ve poked my head in to watch), but live action television as well.
One of the things which really stands out to me when doing this though, is how, where western television series will churn out new episodes seemingly indefinitely as long as the ratings are there, anime series will either say their story and split, or run seemingly forever.
I don’t see many opportunities for it anymore, but the idea of binge-watching through a long-running series in but a few days is a fun one, but at the same time, I’m in love with shorter (12-24 episode) series. Not only does it fit the time I’m able to budget out for anime watching, but it also caters to my inability to stick to something for too long.
While I did find the time to watch some films during August, they weren’t anime related, so I didn’t really want to talk about them here (even if I did enjoy both quite a bit), leaving this month’s anime article to be held up by one lonesome series:

Love Live! Sunshine!!-
Takami Chika is a high school girl with a bright personality, but little in regard of what one would call talents or aspirations. However, during a visit to Tokyo, she bears witness to the colorful, energetic world of school idols, and is instantly enamored with one group in particular.
While it’s slim pickings for Chika and her friend Watanabe You at first, this spark of interest leads the girls to create their own group, and it just so happens that fate has seen that their paths will cross with a new transfer student, Sakurauchi Riko, who used to attend the very school from which Chika’s favorite school idol group was born.

What I thought-
I had my nose stuck up in the air for a little while, going into Sunshine after watching through the original series in recent months. Quite foolish, as any unwarranted snobbery was dispelled within the very first episode of this series.
It’s a difficult thing to let go of characters you’ve grown attached to, but it pleases me to say that Sunshine does a tremendous job with referencing the achievements and legacy of Muse while introducing its own cast of characters.
Aqours’ tale mirrors Muse’s in many ways, but this series never feels like a rehash or a repackaging of something we’ve already seen. Many of the same themes of being supportive of your friends and staying true to yourself are represented, but there are meaningful new threads there as well. Each of the new faces brings with it a subplot worth seeing as well.
This is a tremendously well executed follow up to the original series. The manner in which Muse is referenced reminds me of Saki: Achigahen (always a good thing), giving a sense of depth to the world the characters inhabit. This is doubly smart, because it allows the series to walk a tightrope between old and new fans. If you’ve watched the previous series of Love Live!, there will be references dotted here or there which will cause you to swell with joy upon seeing them, but if you have no knowledge of the series previous to Sunshine, this would still be a perfectly viable spot to start, as it merely uses Muse’s exploits as a backdrop for world building, and while there is a lot of chatter about that group, Love Live! Sunshine!! is its own story, told by its own colorful cast of memorable characters.
It was tough to let go of the original series, but I am so very pleased to have watched Love Live! Sunshine!!. Whether you’re new to the school idol game or a returning customer, there is more than enough here to put a smile on your face.


I hope September met you well. As this article is published, we are but tossing distance from Destiny 2’s launch. Having what could only be considered as a love/hate relationship with the first game, I am quite interested to see how the legion of issues the first game had are addressed, and my calendar is already crying due to lack of free time.
Meanwhile, the Girls und Panzer film is sitting on my shelf silently judging me while it waits to be consumed, and I plan on doing so very soon. Other than that, it’s a dart toss as to what’s up next out of the backlog.
I feel like there’s this empty void in my heart routine now that I’m out of Love Live! series to watch..
(As the last lingering remains of Summertime fade to make way for Autumn, keep your stories unspoiled!)
(Last year this month.)

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