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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? May 2017

June 4, 2017

(This article will be spoiler free, yo.)

Hello! Anime time!
Something which has always been and will always be a factor in the series we enjoy or choose to pursue is the popular or personal public opinions attached to the those things. Has there ever been a series you intentionally avoided simply because an especially rambunctious fan sullied your opinion of it before you even gave it a chance?
When it comes to video games, there are many which are impossible to enjoy or even participate in without other people, and in today’s world this can lead to tremendously negative experiences when so many are designed from the ground up to be multiplayer activities (take it from me; someone who, before touching any multiplayer game, will go into the options menu and hunt down the ability to disable voice chat). Music and visual media generally don’t require more than one person to be enjoyed however, which I think lends to the reason I feel satisfied after my time spent with them, rather than irritated.
Be cool like me and never speak to any human ever.
Here’s what I found time for during the month of May!

Kemono Friends-
A young girl finds herself in quite the predicament when she comes to in a mysterious place teeming with unfamiliar creatures, and to make things worse, she can’t even remember who she is!
It isn’t long before she crosses paths with a spunky cat-like girl who introduces herself as Serval, a type of humanoid animal known as a Friend. She offers a placeholder name to the girl and explains that she now resides within Japari Park.
Seeking answers, they set off toward adventure. What mysteries will be unveiled and what sorts of colorful characters might these two meet on their journey?

What I thought-
I’ll get it out of the way first off because if you’ve been here for awhile you know it’s coming: this series is CG, which gives it an off-putting presentation. At a distance, the character models can look a bit off, and the animation is regularly lacking. Generally speaking, I dislike CG characters in anime, and I have no doubt this series might have looked more appealing in 2D.
With that done I’ll continue by saying that there is an inescapable charm to Kemono Friends that, sure, I might have expected given its popularity, but it did well to pull the series away from the early feelings of dismay brought on by its visual style.
I’m always a huge supporter of anthropomorphized characters, and continuing the work series such as Kantai Collection and to a lesser extent Strike Witches started, the Friends’ character designs on display are drawn from their respective animals quite well. It’s fun to guess what kind of animal each Friend is before they’re introduced, and some of them (such as my personal favorite, the crested ibis) are just flat out great character designs.
This is also an informative series. Rather than commercial bumpers, you are treated to zoologists from far and wide speaking about a given animal while its respective Friend rummages about on screen, and each episode is filled with small bits of information about the animals each Friend is based off of.
Because of its easy-going tone, bright and varied collection of characters, leisurely pace and informative qualities I would highly recommend this series to someone with children, or simply overgrown children such as myself.
 Just as unpredictable and colorful as the animal kingdom can be, Kemono Friends is a series equal bits cheerful and informative, and while its CG presentation won’t be winning any style arguments, the adaptation of the various Friends from their animal counterparts into their cute anime lady forms might.

We’re a little over half way through the Spring season of anime, and we’re also within grazing distance of E3. Anything you’re looking forward to hearing about? There are things I know we’ll hear about, such as what Microsoft’s Scorpio ends up being called and what the price will be etc, etc, and we’ll surely get more gameplay footage of the new Call of Duty and Destiny, but there’s still plenty of room for some big surprises, and those are always the reason I watch each year. Everyone likes being part of the conversation when surprises are involved, yeah?
I’m typing it electronic stone now so that I have to keep my word: I will allocate time to watch that Love Live movie. Ghost in the Shell has a sequel too… ah… the time… where do you find the time…

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