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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? August 2016

September 6, 2016

(This article will be spoiler-free!)

The ideal part of the year is right around the corner. The weather will cool down to the perfect temperature, the air will start smelling like Autumn, and most notably during the evenings, the weather outside will be intoxicating.
But for the time being, Summer persists, and seemingly to see the irrefutable-as-best season out of the door, all of the promotional betas for this years shooters are hitting. Whether it’s work, personal matters or video games, the end of Summer ’16 will be remembered as “…that time when I had about a hundred things to do and had no time at all to do them.”
And nestled under those necessary (and unnecessary) obligations is my poor, ever expanding anime backlog.
Here’s what I finished up:


76720Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~-
While her voice is small and her actions are hesitant, Kajiwara Sora is a girl who enjoys her surroundings and the time she spends within them.
She and her Art Club friends may lead mundane lives, but this won’t deter them from squeezing every bit of enjoyment out of each moment.

What I thought- “Relaxing
atmosphere with a throwback style.”
As I’ve mentioned in the ‘What’s Up?’ page, the easiest comparison I have for the tone and flow of Sketchbook is Non Non Biyori. Sketchbook is perhaps a less Moe-centric series in comparison, but that isn’t necessarily a knock against it.
Just shy of a decade old, there is a undeniable throwback charm to the visuals that you don’t see from a lot of modern series, with the lack of sharpness to the environmental art and the plain look of the character faces. There aren’t smart phones everywhere, and overall the series just brings me back to the days which I have begun missing more and more recently; back when we weren’t connected to one another by the hip 24/7 through electronic devices.
I wish some of the supporting characters could have gotten more screen time, mostly because the prominent ones are quite likable (my personal favorite being the puppet-toting Asou Natsumi), and I need not mention (but will anyway) that Sora is voiced by the always wonderful Hanazawa Kana.
In a world beating you over the head to get things done quickly, Sketchbook Full Color’s is a series that lets you slow down and relax while taking in some great visuals. It isn’t big on plot, but the therapeutic effect of its tone cannot be dismissed.


After a chance run-in with the perky Amaya Kanaka and the flat-expression wearing Iwasawa Saki, Uehara Ayuko ingests something foul and then continues to high school, where it is revealed by fate that the three of them are to be classmates.
What follows is a heart-wrenching-but-not-so-much-really series of slice-of-life shorts based around crabs, family politics and what happens when three young women have all of the time and none of the motivation.

What I thought- “Too short!”
Speaking of going quickly… Aiura is a series I loved a tremendous amount during the fleeting moments of its existence, thanks to its sharp dialogue and its likable characters, and want nothing more than… more… of it.
Perhaps thanks to this short run time, the production quality is very good, with jaw-dropping backdrops and superbly animated character interactions, and even if I’d be ill pressed to name any of the characters without looking it up first (see above), I feel confident in saying that “the short one” was cute, “the energetic one” was funny, and “the boyish one” was kind of leggy but in a good way.
Each episode spans a mere couple of minutes, but Aiura! somehow manages to cram a tremendous amount of charm into that time.


As mentioned last month, the Summer anime season is a doozy for slice-of-life series, and week by week, Sweetness & Lightning and Amanchu! in particular just keep getting better and better.
A string of localized games have just recently hit the West, and I’m currently pecking away at Hatsune Miku Project Diva X (and have enjoyed it slightly less than previous games in the series thus far) as well as the not-at-all-Dynasty-Warriors-like Attack on Titan game developed by Omega Force. Plus the Battlefield 1 beta continues until near the end of this week, and I have plenty of feelings and opinions to share about that, should I find the time and energy to do so.
Stuff. There’s stuff everywhere. I’m buckling under the weight of all of the stuff.
Here’s to one last Summertime hurrah!
(Last year this month.)
Keep your stories unspoiled.

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