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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? July 2016

August 6, 2016

(This article will be spoiler-free!)

おっす! It feels like I was just here typing one of these, but I suppose time flies when you’re roasting in the sun!
As someone who is a fan of both video games and anime, it dismays me to see the lack of great video game adaptations of anime, and while for many series with a lack of compelling gameplay opportunities this makes sense, even the adaptations we get of action-oriented series never manage to be more than serviceable outings for fans.
Anime is a huge business, so it befuddles me why a reasonable production budget can’t be afforded to a worthwhile studio to create something great. Something which even those who aren’t into anime can point at and say “That’s just a great game!”
I suppose maybe it’ll happen one day..
I’m still holding out hope for a Cardcaptor Sakura character action game, and with the re-emergence of the series thanks to its 20th Anniversary bringing with it a new manga series, the time has never been better.
I finished a couple of my backlog series during July, which follow:


jacket_h_l Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru-
Yuuki Yuuna is a member of her school’s Hero Club, and with the help of her friends Mimori, Fuu and Itsuki, the Hero Club fights to bring smiles to people’s faces, be it through helping them through personal problems, or simply putting on a puppet show for children.
There is more to being a hero than helping to bring joy to those around you however, as Yuuna and her friends are chosen by the Shinju to protect society against mysterious foes called Vertex.
Yuuna and friends are given great power to help turn the tide against their adversaries, but within this new power holds a host of new mysteries.

What I thought- “Gorgeous and ensnaring.”
Yuuki Yuusha comes out of the gate swinging. There is a wonderfully realized sense of style to the visuals and music that gives this series its own unique character, and the first episode does well at using every ounce of this audio/visual splendor to grab your attention.
The cast of characters isn’t large, but this lets the focus of the narrative focus purely on the main characters and their respective personalities and troubles. What begins as your typical magical girl fare becomes something much greater come the end, and thanks to well-written dialogue, lovable personalities and numerous awe-inspiring moments, each episode seemed to end just as it had started.
Whether your interest is in the magical girl genre, excellent audio/video production, or a narrative told by relatable and likable characters, Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is a series that is impossible not to recommend.


75863l Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note-
Middle-schooler Tachibana Aaya isn’t especially outgoing, but rather the soft-spoken type; more comfortable writing than speaking despite her knowledge of language.
After meeting the members of Detective Team KZ however, they invite her to the team to use her writing skills for record keeping, and they presume her language skills might be beneficial to their investigations.
What follows are a number of cases, some small and some large, in which Aaya and the group of four boys who comprise Detective Team KZ look to expose wrong-doers and set right what they have wronged.

What I thought- “A series of charming, low stakes adventures.”
Thanks to the structure of this series, with each case being broken up over several short episodes, it didn’t suffer from the problem many series of shorts encounter, where thanks to a shorter episode run time, the pace of the narrative or dialogue needs to be jacked up to fit everything in. Each episode begins with a very brief recap of the previous happenings of the narrative, so even watching an episode here or there won’t leave you forgetting what was going on.
Jiken Note has a simple art style, without a whole lot of detail in many scenes, but as most of the series is focused on dialogue, this isn’t much of a deal breaker. The character art is nice, and the personalities of Detective Team KZ were fine, with the highlight of course being Aaya, with a chibi version of herself popping in to scold her every so often.
Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note isn’t the most memorable series of shorts you’ll come across, but for what it is, Signal.MD did a wonderful job with what they had.


The Summer anime season is being so, so kind to me. As someone who loves slice of life series, Amanchu!, Amaama to Inazuma, Momokuri and Konobi! have been a tremendous treat thus far, and Urobuchi Gen’s Taiwanese puppet series Thunderbolt Fantasy has offered the spark of something a little different.
Speaking to above, the end of August brings a few anime games West after a long wait from their original release, so maybe we can find time to talk about those at some point. -disappointed sigh- Time, where is the time…
See you when I see you, and keep those stories unspoiled!

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