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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? February 2016

March 5, 2016

(This article has been certified 100% spoiler-free.)

おっす! Mother nature can’t seem to decide whether to give up on Wintertime or furiously slap us in the face with it, so it must be the start of March, which means it must be time for another monthly anime article.
The end of the month creeps up on me faster and faster each time around it seems, and I’ve been finding much difficulty in finishing much else other than series of shorts. One of the great things about anime is that it can be consumed in so many different servings though.
The backlog is getting larger and larger, which on one hand is encouraging, because it means I won’t be running out of stories to see anytime soon, but it’s somewhat stressing as well, as some of those stories have been waiting to be seen for months now.
I’m rambling though. Here are the series I watched through:


c2eae46dd0742421cb9d59e8ac001d2e1356643672_full Ai Mai Mii-
Ai Mai Mii is a deeply enriching drama series which casts a spotlight on the lives of Ai, Mai, and Mii, who are members of their school’s Manga Club.
What may appear to be mundane school days filled with laughs and love to some, are at their core a collection of moral quandaries which may very well discern the essence of what it means to be a human being in the modern world.
Nah, I’m foolin’.
This is a slap-stick comedy series.

What I thought- “Brief, random and daffy.”
This series is like a weird fever dream. For awhile there I could have sworn that I’ve watched it before, but despite retracing my anime queue, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched my own blog here over and over and couldn’t find a scrap of it anywhere.
Then it struck me like a deaf whale: Magical Somera-chan! I watched that series and never even talked about it! I remember it now! All of it! The lines have connected! It all makes sense! I have seen the mountain!
I guess I’ll rewatch that and report back in…
But I digress.
While it does sometimes feel flimsy as random comedy tends to, there were numerous instances of something catching me off guard and sucking a chuckle out of me.
The art is rather atrocious, and the animation is lackluster, but for some odd reason that just adds to the charm. I’m sure it could be seen as lack of effort to some, but I think that’s the point of this series.
I don’t know. Ai Mai Mii’s ‘aight.


Arikawa Hime can’t seem to catch a break.
After being forced to dress up as a girl, he is saved by Shimoshina’s Student Council. Unbeknownst to Arikawa, the members of the Student Council find his new getup adorable, and thanks to a little monetary persuasion, have him join the council.
What ensues is a slice of life comedy series filled with cute (sort of) ladies, moe antics and all of the accompanying bouncy bits.

What I thought- “Adorably confounding.”
Cross-dressing can be handled numerous ways in media, and while something like the excellent Hourou Musuko may shed a more down to earth, serious light on the topic, there are fun alternate avenues for it as well.
While the obvious trajectory for such things would be to make fun of cross-dressing, Himegoto thankfully doesn’t take that approach. There are no jokes made at the expense of cross-dressing or those who practice it.
It’s a series of shorts, so not as much time is given to offering explanations for why most of the (wonderfully designed) cast of characters partake in cross-gender appearances as I would have liked, but the situations are entertaining and the personalities of the characters are all great.
I wish this were a full length series. It trades in well-worn territory with its slice of life comedy, but it goes off the beaten path enough with its premise to be engaging at the same time. The production quality is great, but if enough time were given to it to tell a worth-while overarching narrative, then Himegoto could be something truly great.
Hanging out on the opposing end of the spectrum from other series on the subject matter, Himegoto is a moe comedy-lovers dream.


1a9923d20f3cd042580756c0a34230d71388779565_fullOnee-chan ga Kita-
Due to his Father remarrying, Mizuhara Tomoya now has a brand new older sister named Ichika.
Overbearing and clingy, Ichika is initially a suffocating inclusion to his life at and outside of school, and her accompanying friends Ruri and Marina just add to the cacophony!
Is there no respite from these overbearing personalities bearing down on his life?

What I thought- “A relaxed slice of life series.”
The comedy is somewhat muted but charming, and from the start, Onee-chan ga Kita felt reminiscent of Acchi Kocchi, particularly with Ichika’s character design.
The comedy is somewhat less of what I’d call “kid friendly” than seen in that series, but that isn’t to say Onee-chan ga Kita is vulgar or mature. It strikes the right balance.
The visuals have an alluring painterly feel to them, with deep colors and textured backgrounds, and while the animation wasn’t always something to write home about, the characters and their interactions were generally entertaining through to the end.
There is no big hook here, but Onee-chan ga Kita is a well-produced slice of life comedy series all the same.


The Winter anime season continues, and with it Boku Dake ga Inai Machi continues to effortlessly devour its allotted time each week. It’s already one of the best series I have watched in some time, but if they manage to stick the landing with its narrative, it could be something truly special.
I have had the idea for a fun side venture for the blog for a few weeks now, and due to limiting factors have been unable to attack it just yet. It could work out, but it could flop. We’ll see in the coming weeks. I hope it’s good though, because it’s something I’m into.
Here is hoping by the next time the monthly article is out, the cold weather has packed its bags and moved out.
(It never flushes. Can you believe that?)
Keep those stories unspoiled!

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