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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? December 2015

January 6, 2016

Hey folks! I hope your introduction to 2016 bore well.
December was cold, shaky haze filled with unnecessarily unstable sleep schedules, arduous nights at work, and large helpings of moe.
The dawn of a new anime season is upon us, so out with the old and in with the new:


CWCz2alUYAACUUnGochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?? (season 2)-
Rabbit House is where cheer is on the menu, and serving it to you are Chino, Cocoa and friends.
The group is all here, and they return for another season full of coffee, rabbits, moe misunderstandings, and slice of life comedy.

What I thought- “More of the same, if good, thing.”
If I were to offer a complaint about the first season of GochiUsa, it would be that the comedy was relatively sparse, and the funny bits which were there were sort of dragged out a little too long.
While scenes do carry on for maybe a little longer than you’d expect from a slice of life comedy show like this, I feel like the second season was more successful at being comedic than the first. Thinking back, there aren’t any new characters that I recall, but the bit characters from the previous season get much more screen time.
This is a second season that doesn’t do anything especially fresh with the additional time it has been allotted, but there are still improvements to be seen.
“Charming” is a word I would associate with Gochuumon’s second season, from the lovable characters to the inviting visuals, down to the wonderfully adorable dance number found in the ED.


e07580c7a88145e56a34a1fe9eb3dc3c1426033322_fullYuru Yuri San Hai-
The Amusement Club will not falter. The Amusement Club will not die.
The Amusement Club is eternal, and burning deep within the soul of The Amusement Club are the hearts and dreams of its members.
Chinatsu, Yui and Kyouko return in this third season.

What I thought- “Not the strongest season.”
Yuru Yuri 3 isn’t a bad way to spend your time if you’re into slice of life tom-foolery. Everything you love from the previous offerings is intact here, but save for one or two gags which truly had me laughing my head off, the comedy here is less aggressive than in the previous seasons.
This is fine in the long term, as these characters are still a gas to hang out with; and frankly, the previous seasons are a tough act to follow. TYO Animations has done a good job.
The animation isn’t quite on par with Doga Kobo’s, but the transition to a new production company has not diminished this series moxie in delivering yuri-tinged slice of life comedy.


281eezqAnime de Training! EX-
Get ready to see your heart rate rise!
Anitore is here to offer you your own personal exercise training coaches, each specializing in work-outs fit to burn that flab off your stomach.
Stretches, Yoga, Taichi, dance routines, push-ups… the list goes on! Let these cheerful ladies get you in shape!

What I thought- “I feel dirty.”
The biggest thing, and perhaps what I’d call the “novel” aspect of this series is that it is seen in first person, with the various training coach ladies talking to you the viewer as they demonstrate exercise techniques.
This is a neat idea, and if done properly, might lend well to immersing the viewer into the series. Within this series however, it feels largely unnecessary, and underutilized.
The content of the series itself is… fine I suppose. Being a series of shorts, not enough time is spent to hope to get an actual workout out of it, so it sort of fails by that respect as well.
The camera angles are hilariously composed, so there’s a certain degree of entertainment one could hope to get out of this series from that respect, but the more interesting aspects of this series aren’t fully realized, so overall I was somewhat disappointed.
If you’re looking to oggle some cute anime ladies, this might be your jam, but if you’re looking for a good workout or an interesting narrative, you will be left wanting.


hacka-doll-the-animationHackadoll the Animation-
They will improve and further your life! They are the Hackadolls!
One is bright and energetic!
One is much less so!
One has large breasts!
They are the Hackadolls!
Just download the app, and these lovely ladies will smartly analyze your current situation and goals, and do everything in their individual powers to see your dreams fulfilled!

What I thought- “Tightly paced and hilarious.”
I love this series so much…
Each episode is short and to the point, and contains consistently funny, tightly written comedy.
The hijinks these characters get into on the road to solve their clients’ problems are varied and regularly wrap up in if not hilarious, unexpected ways.
Some of it is character comedy, and some of it is slice of life comedy. There may be a trap in there someplace, and some of it is a parody of other successful series. It’s all terrific.
Trying to properly articulate what makes this series funny or successful is a problem only the Hackadolls themselves could wish to solve. If you like absurdness in your comedy series though, check this one out for sure.


1Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!-
The title sums it up: Komori-san can’t decline!
She’s a disturbingly well-developed middle school student with an unhealthy inclination to help people.
Whether the tasks in question are menial or enriching, one needs but to ask Komori Shuri and she is sure to help you right out.

What I thought-  “Good as slice of life shorts go”
Short series are some of the hardest to pull off, as you have next to no time to establish characters and their personalities, and you may as well throw that hope for a narrative out the window, but one area in which shorts excel is in slice of life.
Komori-san works great in that respect. The character designs are great, the one-off narratives they tell each episode are strong, and if anything I wish this series were full-length, because I did enjoy the characters quite a bit, and would have preferred to see more of them.
Another great series of slice of life shorts.


The year end article will follow shortly!
The new year is always a daunting thing. I’m never quite sure if I should be intimidated or encouraged by it, but it is what it is.
(Keep it spoiler-free!)

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