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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? November 2015

December 4, 2015

お待たせしました。 Better late than never, I suppose.
The weather is cold, the sky is grey, and the critters of the night have gone silent. Winter is imminent, which means it’s time for painfully awkward family interactions, warm clothing, and leaving the house early to tend to the motor vehicle, as it, much like myself, doesn’t want to go out in the cold.
November buzzed by in a blurred haze, and I wouldn’t say it was because of any amount of fun I was having.
I finished up a couple of things that have been bugging me for attention, so it was not an utter waste.
Here’s what they were:

ZZE5VAnother (live action film)-
Have you heard the legend of class 3-3?
Sakakibara Koichi is new to Nomiyama High, where a dark specter of dread looms upon his arrival.
His fellow students whisper under their breath. and no one seems to acknowledge the existence of Misaki Mei, a dark-haired girl in his class.
Soon, death shows its face, and Sakakibara must seek the truth of the tragedy inherited to this classroom before he too falls to it.

What I thought-  “Black sheep.”
While I had read opinions on the internet regarding the film adaptation of Another’s lack of quality, I could not help myself to seek out a copy to watch through, if nothing else, to close the loop on the story, as up until and save for the film adaptation, I had seen every adaptation of this story to its end.
While I can honestly say they did a good job at condensing this relatively dense narrative into around two hours, any praise I would hope to give for this film would sadly have to end there.
Throughout the length of the film, the word “amateurish” kept creeping into my head. Amateurish performances. Amateurish cinematography. Amateurish effects. Viewing this movie feels like sitting through a student film project, and while much of this can be blamed on this film’s very likely small budget, this doesn’t excuse its inability to tell a morbid story, or draw you into what should be a disturbing setting.
The characters are uninteresting, key moments are omitted for no apparent reason, the death scenes are in most cases outright laughable. Don’t see this.
As far as I’m concerned, every version of Ayatsuji Yukito’s Another is worth checking out, save for this one.

contents_seFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!-
Illyasveil von Einzbern, Miyu and the overtly precocious Kuro return to do the dirty work of the fiery Tousaka Rin and the obnoxiously regal Luvia Edelfelt, who still somehow have bridges left to burn.
But the life of a magical girl is tough, and time always needs to be set aside for leading fun, grade school lives with one’s friends and family.

What I thought- “It was funny until it wasn’t.”
I found myself faced with a profound situation when it came time to finish up the last three episodes of this series.
Recently, Matsuki Miyu, who voices Magical Sapphire in this series (as well as Cthuko in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Yoshinoya-sensei in Hidamari Sketch, among many others) sadly passed away at the young age of 38.
It is a bizarre feeling knowing someone attached to the work you are viewing was alive when you had started it, and is no longer with us at its completion. Part of me didn’t want to finish the series, but I eventually figured leaving the series unseen would eat at me, so here we are. While Matsuki Miyu plays a minor supporting character in this series, it is a character who brought numerous smiles to my face while watching. A character who, as was the case with several she voiced, was not crucial to the overall story, but made it a fuller, funnier, more enjoyable experience. The world has lost a wonderful voice.

Herz! continues the steep brazen trajectory set up by the second season, with ecchi slice of life comedy taking the forefront. If you’ve made it to the third season, you know whether you find this type of thing funny, and if you don’t, then you most certainly will not like the third season.
I’m a strange one though, what can I say. I think it’s hilarious.
The excellently done battle sequences I fell in love with in the first season unfortunately do not make an appearance until very late in the third season. They aren’t on par with the first season’s action in this guy’s opinion, but they do not disappoint.
I wish I wouldn’t remember this series as I do.

A Madoka Magica/Monogatari crossover promotion has been hitting Japan, with a number of fun crossover artworks and goods flying left and right, and while that’s all good fun, the big news out of that for me personally was the announcement of a brand new film from Shaft and Magica Quartet. Details are scarce at the moment, but it has been disclosed that the voice talent for the crew of girls from the core series will be returning, so one can assume the new film will be either a continuation of the story (quite exciting), or something fresh. What could it be? I for one am equal bits curious and excited to see what 2016 brings for the series.
On the topic of the new year, I’ve begun working on the year end article. It will be posted early next year (likely a few days after the December monthly), and will as typical contain links to everything I’ve talked about on the blog over the past year. I hope it turns out well, and I hope to see you there!
(Keep your stories unspoiled.)

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