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Spitz is Back Again

August 9, 2015

皆ただいま! For better or worse, after four nights in the hospital and two weeks of at-home care, I’m back at it. I’m not burning at 100% just yet, but thankfully, things have for the most part returned to as they were.
Being someone who somewhat rarely gets sick or encounters serious health issues, it has been a profoundly humbling experience. Nothing will strike clear your misconceptions about how invincible you are like being dragged through an unfortunate sickness of some sort or another, and nothing makes you realize how you have taken your normal days for granted like going through an extended period without one.
While unfortunately it has done nothing for my personal motivations, it has made me look at my health and my life situation in ways I never did before.
I can’t currently make any promises as to the length of it as I have a few weeks of Summer Simulcasts to catch up on, but there will be a normal Anime Monthly this month. I hope to see you there!
Take care of yourselves, and keep your stories unspoiled!

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