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Hey Spitz, What’ve You Been Watching? February 2014

March 3, 2014

(This article will be spoiler-free!)

皆、ごめんねえ。 Please excuse the behind-schedule post. These past few weeks have blitzed by, and I’ve been struggling to keep up with everything. It was nice and warm a week or two ago, so it was nice to have a window open with a slight breeze, and have a respite from the Winter cold (granted, a brief one).
To make keeping up with my simulcast queue a bit more manageable, I’ve cut my backlog watching in half, which, while it gives me an extra hour or so per day, means (until the season ends) anime monthlies might be shorter than average.
The one accompanying the end of the Winter season is sure to be gargantuan, though.
Here’s what I watched during February:


Fantasista_Doll_promo_imageFantasista Doll:
Uno Uzume is a cheerful student who enjoys playing card games.
One day, she unexpectedly becomes master of a group of young girls called Dolls, who are each made up of data found within a mysterious collection of cards.
What follows is Uzume attempting to keep her new friends a secret and get to know them all better, all the while combating other Masters who seek the power of these Dolls for their own specific reasons.

What I thought: “Generic feeling,
but oddly entertaining.”
Fantasista Doll is an odd series, in that throughout its duration, I was unsure whether it was playing everything straight-faced or not. There were moments where of course it had to be in on its own jokes, but at other times I sort of felt like it was playing it straight and was unaware of how completely ludicrous things were playing out. I was laughing, but unsure whether I should be or not.
Whether or not the type of entertainment I got out of Fantasista Doll was what they were going for though, I was entertained a good portion of the time (most notably during the fight scenes). It looks and feels kind of generic, but there were a few great character designs here or there (as well as some truly awful ones).
It’s a mixed bag, I suppose I would say. It probably won’t catch your world on fire, but I’d still say at least let it try.
Fantasista Doll is the sort of series I’ll likely forget I’ve watched later on down the road, but while it lasted it was bonkers enough to hold my attention.


52609Chronicles of the Going Home Club:
The Going Home Club has very few members, and even fewer goals.
Rather than seek to accomplish anything in particular, the five girls of the Going Home Club spend their time instead seeking as much fun as possible.

What I thought: “Sometimes fun in the moment, though pretty forgettable overall.”
The characters didn’t have as much personality as you might find in other slice of life comedy shows like this, and while it’s likely not the case with everyone, I found the comedy to be too dependent on fourth wall-breaking gags to be all that funny.
The character designs are decent (the twin-tailed Sakura looks an awful lot like Kokonoe Rin though, which I’m unsure how to feel about), and while the animation isn’t always great, visually GHC is at least bright as inviting.
It wasn’t particularly exciting nor entertaining to me personally (again, likely because I dislike fourth-wall jokes), so I’d probably recommend other slice-of-life series before this one. There were a few very funny segments, but not enough to make it worth the run time.
A clean look and a few good opening and ending themes aside, Chronicles of the Going Home Club may be too lacking in the personality and comedy departments to make it worth watching over other series of its type.


52603Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya:
Illyasviel von Einzbern is a middle school student who is a big fan of magical girls, and wonders what it might be like to be one.
One night, to her great surprise, she is given the chance (or perhaps, forced into) becoming one, after crossing paths with a magical stick named Ruby.
Ruby requests that Illya helps to defeat a collection of powerful beings, and collect the cards which are the origin of their great power.
With the aid of Ruby’s original owner (and her boisterous accomplice), as well as a mysterious other girl, Illya sets out to complete Ruby’s task.

What I thought: “A fun, more lighthearted offshoot.”
With clean character designs, great art and nice animation, as well as some spectacular looking battle sequences, Prisma Illya was a pleasure to watch. It’s a fun series in concept as well, having seen some of the other Fate series, as interesting things are done with existing characters in the universe. Looking at a series through a wildly different perspective, and letting some of characters which played more supporting roles take the spotlight makes this series very entertaining to see, and I think that even if you haven’t seen Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night, there’s still enough here to make it worth a watch.
While I sort of knew what I was getting myself into upon starting this series, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it (and I was pleasantly surprised to hear one familiar voice in particular). A second season is in production and I’m looking forward to it!
 If you’ve seen no other Fate series, or dislike the magical girl concept, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya might not be for you, but if you enjoyed either (or even better, both) of these things, it’s a bright, likable spin on the existing Fate characters and concepts, and a well done one at that.


d114ca189c2a2bacbc604944107ef3c21361931194_fullGJ Club:
GJ Club is a slice-of-life series about Shinomiya Kyouya, who has just recently joined the Good Job Club.
This club is comprised of four other members, the smart and classy Sumeragi Shion, the odd, cat-like Kirara, Amatsuka Megumi, a cheerful, pink-haired girl, as well as her fiery little (but only in stature) sister Mao.
Within the club walls, Kyouya-kun in some ways becomes the plaything of the club, while making memories that may last a lifetime.

What I thought: “Cute looks, but bland comedy.”
The art and animation are both nice, and I like the character designs quite a bit as they’re nice and colorful, but overall I feel like I will quickly forget about GJ Club.
This is due to how uneventful it is. There is an occasional funny gag here or there, but the large majority of this series is spent on the characters just sort of sitting around looking cute. I’m an individual who does not dislike “cute”, but without any sort of plot, or at least some well thought-out comedy, “cute” alone didn’t do enough for me to make watching GJ Club engaging.
The characters are great; I just wish there was more going on.
GJ Club is pleasing to look at, but due to its lack of entertaining scenarios or comedic situations, I feel like its appeal ends there.


2014 is trucking along. I’m continuing to enjoy some of the currently airing series (Nagi/Kill la Kill), and I’m continuing to dislike some as well (Log Horizon/Golden Time). Overall though, I’m not all too disappointed with what I’ve been keeping up with.
I’m looking  forward to the weather improving. While I don’t feel like it’s been the worst Winter in years (as many seem to be claiming), I am nonetheless ready for it to get outta here.
Until next time, though.
(The year has gotten started. Keep your stories unspoiled!)

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