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Spitz’s Incoherent Rambles: Living Different Lives Over Time/芝居

December 14, 2013

As I do my best to keep myself occupied with work, study and hobbies, it can be an easy thing to stop thinking about where I am in life compared to where I’ve been. I’m sure many people are the same way.
It’s easy to forget how things used to be; the usual situations you used to put yourself into, and the types of people (in some cases, even siblings) you used to associate with on a daily basis. The way I refer to life’s tendency to change drastically and the sudden realization of how different things can seem is “A different movie, played by mostly the same actors.”, and I sometimes find myself pausing in surprise remembering that (in one good personal example) I was a kid once, with two parents and two brothers to come home to each day.
While my current living situation isn’t awful, this feeling that someones situation can change substantially in a way that makes the past almost unrecognizable is one my primary drives. In the future, I want my life now to feel like the past does to me today.


Insincerity is one of my most heavily disliked traits. Living around insincere people has given me an unfortunately sharp sense for how “full of it” someone is behaving, and I do my best to avoid association with 芝居 people.
While there is a certain threshold that I think can be beneficial to interacting with people (you want to be nice to say kids or people you don’t know for example), a faking of character leads to harmful habits, with one of the most problematic being lying.
If you act how you think each individual person expects you to act, at a certain point, are you yourself, or merely a blank slate waiting to be redrawn by any and all passersby?
Insincerity makes it impossible to have a meaningful conversation with a person, and while it can be the easy way out of many situations, I think it’s something that is relied on a little too heavily nowadays, and due to this makes communication a far more arduous task than necessary.

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