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Soapbox Review Changes!

November 22, 2013

こんばんは皆! A game review just went up, and with it, a notable change to how I’m planning on handling reviews from now on.
One of the things that I mull about with regards to reviews is how best to illustrate my opinion in a way that makes my overall feelings of that particular thing make sense, but also offer a way for someone who doesn’t want to read my reasons (as I can tend to ramble in some cases) a method of saying “Alright, what did he think? No nonsense. Give me a quick opinion.”
One pretty good method is a numbers system, but that brings with it the baggage of comparisons. It’s easy to get hung up on the fact that I gave something like Bioshock Infinite a 5, and something like Starcraft 2 a 3, and some folks might say “He means by terms of Bioshock Infinite, Starcraft 2 is a bad game? 3 seems very low for how good of a game Starcraft 2 is!”
Numbers are supposed to be interpreted on a per-game basis, but I feel like they rarely are.

This is why I wanted to try and “hide” my numbers in my anime reviews, but that has proven an issue as well. Giving something a So-so (which I would consider a 3 out of 5) is not my way of saying I didn’t like it, but just that I found the positive and negative aspects of it to be somewhat equal.
As previously stated in my “About the Soapbox” section (which will be updated soon to reflect the changes, so it may not exist as it has for future reference), in many cases, I wouldn’t consider even a 2 out of 5 a “bad” score necessarily.
I’ve given something a bad rating before. If I thought something was bad, I’ll tell ya!

So without going on too much of a tangent rambling about this stuff, the thing I will be doing to try and combat these flaws in the number system are pretty simple. I’m going to stop using a number system!
In its place will be a short (I’ll try to make it a sentence at most, a word in the least) bit of text that I feel like condenses my overall feelings for something into the smallest form I can manage.
This way, folks who want to know what I thought about something who don’t have the time to read my ramblings can take a quick glance and hopefully come away saying “Oh, alright.”, where as the people who either have the time to read a full review or just want to see how I reached that conclusion can read through the review proper, to hopefully try and eke out where I was coming from when reviewing that particular thing.

Hopefully this change will make reviews at a glance more easy to understand, but hopefully will not make them suffer from the same sorts of things a number score causes.
At any rate, thanks for reading!

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