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Autumn Whimper 2

October 17, 2013

October 16th
12:16 A.M.

A lucid one, this one. Bizarre.
I’m never aware of the fact that I am dreaming until directly after the fact, yet here I am, in a situation that could no longer occur in the waking world.
I look down at my feet, and see them resting at the end of the bed, on top of the bed-clothes. They flex as I will them to. The same can be said for my hand, as I bring it to rest on the face of the woman lying beside me.
Her face is just as beautiful as I remember. Soft angles. Dark hair. Eyes so green that they seemed to shine brightly in the light.
“Yu”, she liked to be called. She didn’t favor her given name of Ursula. She said it contrasted with her character, and maybe she was right.
I can feel my heart slugging away at my chest as I run a finger down her cheek and neck, and let it rest at her collar.
“I’ve missed you, Ronald.” she says.
I try to utter a response, but nothing comes out.
Yu turns and crawls on top of me, with a leg on either side of my waist. She leans down and closes her eyes, and upon a sudden unexplained impulse, I wake to see a small face hovering but a half dozen inches from my own.
A small face; that of a small girl. Her eyes have the look of an animal seeking sustenance from something lower on the food-chain. Her face is a pale white in the dark and her mouth is agape.
I want to scream but can’t. I want to dart from my bed but can’t. Sleep paralysis? Am I restrained? How did she get in? Window? Did I leave the door unlocked?
I feel tremendously weary; like my eyelids are sandbags and my arms are held beneath weights.
My eyes dart around the room to see it unchanged from when I had lied down to sleep.
Why won’t my arms move? What is she doing?
My gaze matches hers once again, very briefly. It’s terrifying. She looks furious. Beyond that. How did she get in here? Why can’t I move?
“Help me!” I want to shout. I want to leap from my bed and sprint out of the house as fast as my limbs can carry me.
Why won’t they move?!
I return my focus on the girl and I’m startled to find her face positioned closer than before, her mouth still agape like a snake’s as it is attempting to swallow oversized prey.
Please let me go. I don’t know who you are or why you are here. I haven’t done anything wrong. Let me go!
Her eyes are merciless as they stare into mine. I can hardly breathe my heart is banging against my ribs so hard.
I close my eyes and concentrate as hard as I can on moving my arms, but it’s as if they’ve been detached at the shoulder. I try anyway, pulling and tugging as I might.
I feel the girl’s forehead touch mine and suddenly find feeling in my limbs once again, which, with the effort I had been putting forth beforehand, causes me to fling myself sideways off of my bed.
I make it to the door on the opposite end of the room before I know it, and quickly look back, expecting the girl to be charging at me at full speed.
I’m confused to see an empty room.
Was that..?
I feel somewhat foolish. No, I feel very foolish.
It was all part of the dream. It had to have been.
Who was that girl?
I look at the clock.
“I don’t know if I want to try again tonight.” I say aloud to myself.

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