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Autumn Whimper 1

September 25, 2013

Oxford Drive
September 25th
12:49 A.M.

A few roads over from the late-night bustle of a nearby highway rests Oxford Dr., which houses an area of tight-knit residential suburbs.
At this hour, things are quiet. The majority of the numerous homes along the road have no lights on, and the only sound that can be heard over the chirps of insects is that of the vehicles passing by on the highway a few hundred yards to the East.
One of the street lights overlooking the vacant sidewalks flickers and burns out.
A tall figure in a long coat and a weathered hat can be seen walking out of the newly created shadow separating the two remaining functional lamps. He raises his gaze to the light which had just gone out for a moment before continuing down the sidewalk.
He walks slowly; his hands in his pockets.
A single vehicle drifts down the road past him, briefly illuminating his rugged face before pulling into a driveway a couple of houses down.
The figure comes to a stop and turns to watch as a man gets out of the car and walks toward the front door of the residence. As he reaches it, a light on the second floor of the house switches on, and a figure presses their head against the window to see their visitor.

The rugged-looking man on the sidewalk turns and begins to walk with a patient stride toward the residence.

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