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Spitz’s Incoherent Rambles: Introduction

August 29, 2013

Hey folks. I’ve been trying to think of a new type of article to bridge the gap between the video game and anime monthlies each month, and since I don’t really have any other hobbies relevant enough to warrant a full article per month (nor the time to type one up), I, like everyone else, do have opinions on a huge variety of things.
So that’s what Incoherent Rambles will be. Me rambling for a paragraph or more about something that has been pecking at my mind for one reason or another. They may not always make perfect sense, some may seem sappy or self-indulgent, and I apologize in advance for any rolling-of-the-eyes I may cause, but I figured it would be fun to talk about more than video games and anime (as fun as those two are to talk about).
I’m no sage, and I’m no savant of society or whatever, so don’t take my opinions or advice to heart or anything. I’m just an average fellow on the internet,  typing to those who will read it.

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