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Spitz’s Incoherent Rambles: Cutting ties with the past / Mistakes

August 29, 2013

Something that tends to be a tremendous challenge for me, as I’m sure is the same with a lot of people, is letting go of the stupid, embarrassing or otherwise negative things that have happened in the past. Saying the wrong thing, or saying something at the wrong time. Doing something you should have known you would later regret in the future. Lacking the forethought or the common sense to do what should have been obvious as the right thing.
Letting go of an unfortunate period of your life can be incredibly uplifting, and I’ve found it can come from doing something as big as changing your eating habits, or something as small as finishing up an anime that you had started on the front-end of that awkward or difficult time. The idea of “On one side of this thing, I was one person, but on this side, I’m another.” is a good motivator for me, and helpful, as there won’t always be someone around to lean on when you need it most.

Mistakes are insidious things. No matter of how hard you try to forget a mistake you’ve made in the past, it will sneak its way into your thoughts when you least expect it; and big or small, they can lead to any range of negative emotions.
But at the same time, mistakes are what mold us into the people we are today. It’s easy to look back and say “Well, I probably could have done that better.” or “Well, I should have done that differently.”, but in the grand scheme of things, making mistakes is what earns us the capability of recognizing our faults, and gives us the ability to improve upon the manner in which we handle ourselves in the future.
猿も木から落ちる。 None of us are perfect. None of us are as stupid as we probably think we are, either.
The ability to stand up after tripping over yourself takes practice to properly learn, but with the help of a few good mistakes here or there, it’s an ability I think we’re all bound to.

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