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Spitz’s Story Corner: Introduction

May 31, 2013

Hey folks. Furthering my attempts at making this more than simply a gaming/anime review blog, I’ve come up with this article type here. It’s a boring name, but I couldn’t think of anything else.
If you know me personally, you’ll know I enjoy writing. My writing skills may be lacking, and my vocabulary may prevent me from correctly articulating my ideas into a readable form, but I still enjoy sharing those ideas to the best of my ability.

Last year during the week of Halloween I did the somewhat impromptu Autumn Twilight posts (which I’ve posted as retroactive posts if you want to check em out).
The idea I had with those was to tell a continuous story from multiple points of view and in somewhat real time.
I only had the general outline for the story and such, and had to write up each new entry somewhat on the spot each night. Each new entry took place at the time and date it was posted, so the idea was that if you were reading the new post right as it went up, you would essentially be reading about what was happening to those characters “right now”.
It’s an idea I like a whole lot, so I’ve decided that I’ll be doing the same thing this year (as long as nothing comes up; such as a broken pc or internet outage of course). I have some “okayish” ideas for it that I’m very much looking forward to messing around with, and I’m hoping the narrative of the story can take place over a larger stretch of time than Autumn Twilight’s mere week did.
No promises of course, but I’m looking forward to it quite a bit.

But that isn’t until October. Until then, Spitz’s Story Corner will be home to the short stories I write (or have written). There may be some “bigger” stories like Autumn Twilight, but for the most part what you’ll find here will be smaller, bite-sized anthology type things, and in any genre (spooky stuff/fantasy stuff/slice-of-life stuff/etc).
I hope some of you take the time to read some of these stories, but more-so than that, I hope you don’t hate them.

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