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Retroactive Posts: Autumn Twilight End

May 8, 2013

(Originally posted on October 31st, 2012)

Bluehaven Radio Station
October 31st
10:23 P.M.

“Give me a hand with this, will you?” comes Adrian from the lobby, walking over to one of the couches located on either side of the front door.

Howls and scratching can be heard coming from the other side of the wall.
Beth comes to assist Adrian, the two of them sliding the couch over in front of the door to block any would-be entry.
Save for the one remaining couch to the left of the door, every other article of furniture which could be moved by a few people was now obstructing the various doors and windows of the Bluehaven Radio Station.
“We should be fine now..” says Adrian, nodding at Beth in thanks for her assistance.
She doesn’t seem particularly hopeful.
“Until when? We can’t live off of cheetos and cola. We can’t hide in here for the rest of our lives.”
“We just need to hold out until tomorrow; then everything will be perfectly fine.” Adrian says in a reassuring tone.
“How do you know?” asks Elizabeth from the other side of the lobby.
“Yeah, how do you know?” comes another man’s voice.
Adrian rests his hands at his sides and looks contemplative for a moment.
“I don’t. I just know we need to stay hopeful if we’re going to get out of this.”
One man lets out a disrespectful huff. Another survivor shakes their head.
Adrian makes his way to the recording booths to sit and think. Heather is there, resting one arm on the desk in front of her to prop her head up, as the other swivels around a dark bottle of liquid.
Adrian leaves the door cracked and sits in the chair beside her, letting out a helpless sigh.
Elsewhere in the station, two teens stand staring at Gem and snickering among themselves.
Gem had been standing in the corner, looking out of the window for two full days now. She would not respond to anyone offering to bring her something to eat or drink, and if someone attempted to move her from her spot she would scream at the tops of her lungs until they took their hands off of her.
Her posture was slightly hunched over; her forehead rested on the obstructed window with her eyes wide open as if attempting to see through it into the back yard on the other side.
Suddenly, she snaps upright, which catches the two teens off guard and they jump. Gem then slowly turns her head to face them with her lifeless eyes.
She then falls over onto the floor, motionless.
The teens run off to find help.
Hearing the commotion, Adrian opens the recording booth door and looks down the hallway to see Gem. He runs over to kneel at her side.
He looks her over and then checks her pulse at the wrist.
Elizabeth comes running, and Adrian looks up at her shaking his head.
Elizabeth then cups her hands to her mouth just as the power goes out in the building.
It is a few minutes of chaos until flashlights can be procured from around the station. Everyone meets up in the lobby, save for Adrian who stays with Gem.
“Now what the fuck are we going to do?!” he hears from down the hallway.
The building then grows eerily silent. The cacophony of scratching and howls from outside had died out, and Adrian hears Heather in the lobby shushing the group so they can listen.
A full minute of nothing.
Then Adrian hears a faint chanting through the blocked off window. He places Gem’s hands on her stomach and steps over her to peer through the side of the cabinet and out of the window on the other side.
There he sees a mass of figures, standing in the back yard with their limbs stretched upwards toward the night sky and chanting in unison. No faces or notable features were discernable in the dark.
Adrian jumps as someone places a hand on his shoulder. He turns to see Gem standing there, the same blank expression on her face that had persisted over the past few days.
“G-gem?” he says in disbelief.
She lets out a low moan and then reaches past Adrian to slam the cabinet out of the way of the window before slamming her arm through it and pulling herself out of the building.
Adrian watches her dart out to join the mass as many of the survivors come to see what the ruckus is all about.
“What’s going on?! Where’s Gem?” shouts Elizabeth, and Adrian points out of the broken window.
The group huddles in closer to get a look outside.
“What are they doing?” someone whispers. “What’s going on?” says another.
The room is then basked in a warm orange glow as a tremendous fountain of fire leaps upward from the group in the middle of the mass of figures, causing the whole group of survivors to stumble backward.
A small legion of jutted shapes then pour from the pillar of fire and stream toward the building.
Adrian grabs Elizabeth’s hand and drags her away from the window. Screams of agony can be heard behind them as they make their way down the hallway towards the recording booth.
Upon reaching it, Heather is standing at the door with a flashlight in one hand and the other motioning them to enter. She closes the door behind them, hushing the sounds of pain and shock on the other side.
“What in God’s name was that?!” shouts Elizabeth to Adrian, who was catching his breath.
“Like I fucking know.” he shouts.
“What do we do?” comes Heather.
“I don’t know!” responds Adrian.
The room then begins to rattle around the trio, causing books and tapes to fall from shelves, and the bottle and glasses atop the desk to roll onto the floor.
“Oh God now what?” yells Elizabeth.
They then hear a faint pounding coming from the soundproof glass.
Heather hesitantly raises the light to reveal the grotesque creature on the other side. Its boney mandibles were plastered with blood and strips of flesh hung down from its mouth. It has its head cocked sideways to peer in through the glass with one of its pitch black eyes located on either side of its head.
“Oh.. my..” says Heather, dropping the flashlight in shock. It rolls across the floor to the door.
The glass begins to crack, and Adrian scrambles to his feet to grab for the light. As he does, he whips around to shine it on the room just as the glass breaks inward, bringing the creature inside with them.
Heather, who was positioned nearest to the window lets out a ear-ringing scream as the creature lunges for her, jamming one of its arms into her stomach and shearing off the top of her head with its mandibles.
Elizabeth screams and stumbles away from the creature, running to the door.
“Wait!” shouts Adrian.
“Are you fucking crazy?!” Elizabeth responds as she swings open the door and is overwhelmed by a handful of the creatures.
Adrian looks away as they rip her apart, and he takes the moment to break for the broken glass. He dives through it, catching a hunk of serrated glass in his leg in the process, and stumbles through the door on the other side.
He gives a quick sweep of the flashlight on the hallway as he enters it, finding it coated from top to bottom with gore. He covers his face with his elbow to protect him from the stench as he runs back down the hallway to the window Gem had broken before.
The large group of figures was still outside, chanting around the torrent of fire and throwing their arms upward.
“You fucking assholes!” Adrian shouts, enveloped with rage as he climbs out of the window and out of the Bluehaven Radio Station.

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